For nearly eight years, Jared Cameron — a child of Capitol Hill, reporter, columnist, sometime-expatriate, PR flack, lobbyist, world’s oldest computer weenie and self-proclaimed critic — wrote the AT LARGE column for Taipei’s erstwhile English-language China News. A PDF file (this was the dim, dark past before everything was available in electronic format) of the very first AT LARGE column — dated and topical, but still funny in my humble (sic) opinion – is available here.

Now back in Washington and moved by the pleas of a small, but dedicated and somewhat deluded fan base, Cameron is employing the wonders of the Internet to reincarnate AT LARGE in order to make his odd sentence structure, crackpot theories, on-the-mark restaurant reviews and accute obervations of life in the 21st Century part of readers’ otherwise empty lives.

An ever-expanding sample of those early Taiwan columns, photos of Cameron acting the fool and other material inappropriate for persons of all ages is available at

Information about the author’s profession activites are available — especially for those with wads of cash, if any such persons or organizations still exist — at

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